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Give life to your QR codes!
Liven up your QR code!
Change the content anytime, anywhere. Set designs yourself. Create your own text by choosing among our many topics. Strategically manage your messages. Share your messages in different languages with our translator.
Manage your websites with a single QR code. Simulate how it will appear on each device. Get everyone knows your website. Analyze who scans your site. Your website will never be the same.
Give everyone your mail. Configure the themes choosing from different designs. Personal or professional? Change your mail depending on the situation. Study who has scanned your QRmail. Create widgets and insert them into your contact pages.
Dynamically configure your contact information. Customize yourvcard with our themes. Adapt to the situation and improve your image. Changes the color and design. Each situation calls for something different. Verify how your QRVCARD looks on each device.
Configure and customize your design. Control and modify in real time. Strategically plan your SMS campaigns. Analyze who has interacted with your QRSMS. Make your QRSMS multilingual. Choose from 10 different languages.
Give everyone you like your phone number. Configure the themes choosing different designs. Study who has scanned your QRPhone. Create widgets and insert them into your contact pages. Personal or professional? Change your phone number depending on the situation.
Let your audience find you. Geopositionally our businesses so you can be easily found. Strategically manages the map of your dreams. Analyze which QRGeoposition is scanned most and at what time. Choose the best designs from amongst the themes.
Share your wifi with your customers in an elegant and professional. Sets a design and customize according to event. Activate or deactivate your wifi password as you like. Uses real-time statistics. Creates widgets and cartoons with your QRWIFI.
Organize your schedule anywhere, anytime. Choose color, background and typography. Create something unique for you. Share with your audiencethe events that interest you. Analyze who has scanned your QRAGENDA. Verify how the event information looks on each device.
Discover the next generation of VCARD. Create an original and professional business card. Presenting: the first live business card on the market. Change and customize the content as often as you need. Choose from the manythemes available.
Choose from different themes to create your personalized CV. Create a dynamic CV that you can modify in pace with your market. Find your work making a difference with QRCurriculum. Make you curriculum speak languages. Track in real-time who has shown interest in your CV.
You bring the creativity, we bring the technology. Simulate how it looks on each device. Create moving content for dynamic QR codes YOUR WAY. Configure a personalized design. Share it, spread it and make money.
Tools for dynamic QR Codes
creates dynamic codes!

Rotacode gives you the opportunity to create your own QR codes and manage them your way, anywhere and anytime.

You can create different versions of each code with diverse formats and colors, change languages with the automatic translation and multi-language system as well as modify their size up to 3,000px using the URL shortener (Rotacode: rcd.li).

allows you to design, manage and configure your QR codes!

A Rotacode QRcode is a dynamic code because the information displayed can be changed on real time, under any circumstances, at any time and as often as you like.

With QRManager of Rotacode you can:

¬ Create your own dynamic QR codes and modify their content

¬ Design your own marketing campaign

¬ Geoposition your QR code

¬ Simulate how your QR code works on different devices

allows you to monitor the activity of your QR code!

You will get all data in real time, letting you know how many users have scanned your QR code, as well as when and where it has been scanned

Use the tracking capabilities that Rotacode offers to optimize your marketing strategy and compare the performance of your codes to know when and where they work best. From the QRManager control panel you can easily access and see statistics in real time.

allows you to simulate how your QR operates on different devices!

See how you QR codes look when scanned and how the linked content appears.

Change them and see how they will appear to those who scan it.

¬ Test, design and have fun with your QR code.

¬ Modify and adapt the content as often as you like.

¬ Make sure they are correct before publishing.

allows you to store and organize your codes.

Rotacode gives you free space to store your QR’s so you don’t lose any of them. Upload your codes to the cloud, those you make and those you scan. Once there you can organize them in folders, name them, link them to an image and organize them by category or by geoposition.

You can also make them public in Codeteca to share and spread them on the web.

gives you easy access to your QRcode!

This Rotacode tool allows you to embedyour QR codes in websites, blogs, social networks, etc., giving your code a wider diffusion.

Widgets publish data with HTML programing language.

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