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Dynamic QR code use:

How to use QR codes and where to find them? QR codes are here to stay. Everyday you will see them more, in more media, in more places. Now they are smarter and offer you more.

> Informative Texts, images, videos, animations, sounds, advertising, brochures, special offers, schedules, calendars, itineraries, etc. Whatever you need to convey, instantly with QR.

> Show Link diagrams, videos, animations or illustrations operational demos of programs, equipment, operating procedures, rules, etc.

> Talk Display your QR on social networks, webs or blogs and interact with other users, join discussions or simply publish your code. Stay connected with your target audience

> Stimulate You can make the user's experience more exciting and continuous as well as bond with your audience, offering smart codes that tailor the content to your needs.

> Offer Coupons - Tickets For SMEs and franchises. 9,5% of US mobile users (25 million in 2012), accessed and redeemed coupons through their mobiles in 2012, increasing sales from 12,3 million in 2010 to 46 million in 2012.

> M-Commerce Pay directly from your smartphone by accessing your bank account.

> Geolocation combined with other technologies, Apps, Videos, Social Networking, Augmented Reality, etc ...

The next step is in your imagination!

Ideas for your QR codes:

- Provides additional information about a product or company.
- Help decide on a purchase.
- Explain your product to a potential buyer
- Interact with your client. Surprise them!
- Know the user’s actions in real time
- Create geo-targeted marketing campaigns
- Be immediately and strategically visible
- Make your products more friendly, request opinions and advice, interact with your target audience
- Help users to find the nearest point of purchase
- Make your QR speak different languages (Rotacode is a multilingual platform)

Videos of some global experiences with QR Codes



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