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Rotacode is the Content Management System of dynamic QR codes ( CMS ). A Rotacode QR code is dynamic because you can change the content of your code whenever you want and as often as you need. The content is specially designed for any device that connects to the Internet.

What is a Dynamic QR Code ? It is a new multiuse code. It acts as a barcode that can be scanned by anyone and from any device

QR «Quick Response Code»
Dynamic QR «Immediate Response Code»
QR »Quick Response Code»
Static QR code
Dynamic QR »Immediate Response Code»
Dynamic code

Rotacode Tools

Rotacode provides an integrated system that brings together different tools that combined achieve what no one else on the market does:

Liven up  your QR codes!

QRGenerator - You can create your QR static or dynamic QR codes.
QRManager - With this online editor you can  design your page however you like.
QRSimulator - You can see how your QR will be displayed on different devices when scanned.
QRCloud - A warehouse to organize and store all your QR codes.
Statistics QR - A complete system that analyzes your QR scans in real time.
QRWidget - Configure your codes to share on blogs, websites, etc ...
Codeteca - The social network to share, search and find QR codes.
Multilanguage - Translate all content to the language you choose.
Rotacode Partner - Work with a global network of mobile marketing professionals.

rotacode toolsrotacode toolsrotacode toolsrotacode tools


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