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How does Rotacode work?

To create a perfect QR code… The most important thing is to liven up its contents!

. - Create your QR code. Choose your location and test your code
. - Personalize it. You can determine colour and size and even create different versions of the same QR code
. - Add content. Upload photos, introduce text, link to maps, use your colores,etc., and download your own QR code
. - Monitor and analyze scanning the activity of your QR code
. - Optimize content. Change the content of your QR code whenever you like.

All this is made possible thanks to the Dynamic Codes!

With Rotacode you can:

1. - CUSTOMIZE THE CONTENT of your code with pictures, links to videos, text, audio, your logo, colors, font sizes, etc.

2. - USE AVAILABLE THEMES for each type of code with the mobile web settings or using a blank template.

3 - Link YOUR OWN DOMAIN with the new QR code.

4. - Add SOCIAL NETWORK BUTTONS to share your code.

5. - Include your GEOLOCATED MAP to easily find you.

6. - Add AUTHOR’S INFORMATION about the QR CODE and post it on the Codeteca.

7. - See COMPLETE STATISTICS displayed in real-time and download them in .pdf

8. - SORT, STORE, SHARE AND ADVERTISE all your QR codes.

9. - CO-WORKING ON THE CONTENT of your QR code or mobile marketing campaigns ( co-working ).


With Rotacode there are only benefits. Discover how to make QR codes full of life!


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