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Keep in touch with your customers and improve your marketing approach! Connect emotionally with your customers and improve your marketing approach!
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Rotacode is a company dedicated to mobile marketing. We use the latest technologies to help you increase your sales by expanding your national and international markets. We help you to create direct experiences for your customers with mobile technology.

We provide a complete solution for the website of the 21st century, a tailor made content that consists of three key elements:

  • Social: Direct interaction with your customers via Mobile.
  • Local: General location identification of the customer (geo-location).
  • Mobile: Most platforms supported and multilingual use is provided/supported as standard.

Our expertise in smart advertising and marketing opens up a whole world of new opportunities for you and your customers by providing direct, useful, flexible and effective product messages.

Make new mobile experiences with Rotacode!Digital Events Rotacode
FREE TRIAL!, With the free trial you can create a personal Smartphone experience. This will use QR Codes dynamic, so that you can experience using the Content Management System Mobile Marketing (M-CMS) Rotacode.
Try and prove right using labels that communicate for you

Stand out from your competition, connect directly with your customers and increase your sales
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With smart labels ...
Smart Labels for Manufacturer
For manufacturers:
  • Your s-label speaks for you. Promote your product directly to customers with tailored messages directly to their mobile devices.
  • Stand out from your competition and connect directly with your customers, get feedback to help to increase your sales.
  • Analyze customer statistic in real time, modify and edit s-labels content at any time.
  • The system promotes your products on Internet search engines and social media networks.
  • Upload content to social networks.
  • Details and information can be viewed on any devices.
  • Can also be used for export markets in other countries.
  • Foreign language machine translation available.
Your costumers will say of Rotacode
For consumers:
  • Information about the product is supplied directly to the customer.
  • Detailed informations about the item for sale are always available and help to make an informed buying decision.
  • Receive suggestions of other products of the same brand which may be of interest.
  • The customers take the product information with them in their smartphone.
  • They receive recommendations on how to use the product, tips, e.g. meal recipe to go with a particular bottle of wine.
    Share informations with others - have fun and experiment, many possibilities.
  • Read product reviews by other customers.
  • Get access to special promotions.

You can try and test s-labels for free. More information here.


Liven up your city, ¡And take advantage of the smart QR codes!
A QR municipality of smart cities is any town that has managed to unite digital life and physical life in one meeting point thanks to the moving object QR Code, giving answers immediately. VillageQR facilitates the daily live to its inhabitants, vitalizes their culture and enterprises and improves their relationship with the environment.

VillageQR makes daily life easier, streamlines culture (CULTURE AND TOURISM) and enterprises (BUSINESS PROMOTION) improves the relationship with other services  (MUNICIPAL SERVICES). See our demonstration QR Pompeii. Smart CityVillageqr mobile - Smart City
With VillageQR citizens can enjoy Rotacode:
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