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Turn the packaging of your product into the best ambassador for your brand to increase sales!

FEATURES of the product packaging that uses s-labels:

Your product range becomes SMART, because QR Codes connect through the website directly to customer mobile devices. Information content about your products and other related information are automatically read and presented to their devices in up to 13 languages. 

Professionally designed templates are available to help you prepare information content for your product range. Your exclusive content is linked to social networks and preprogrammed to be found and listed by Internet search machines.

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features smart packaging:
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FEATURES of Mobile Marketing:

DETAILED INFORMATION: Basic and additional information can be supplied including instructions, recommendations, health tips, recipes and tips for the consumer. This reinforces the customer´s interest for the product and helps the customer to make the decision to buy.

PRODUCT ENRICHMENT: Smart labels add value to your marketing and provide an innovative feature to your product.

IMAGE: The company can convey a particular image to the customer to attract a customer's attention and help create the impulse required to make a buying decision. The image conveyed can be tailored to a particular marketing message such as innovative, of high standard technology, quality and availability.

GLOBAL: The consumer is able to identify where the product comes from, and read this information in his own language. The producer collects useful information about where the products are sold, quantities sold and when sold.

M-COMMERCE: Content can be linked to online shops.

TRACEABILITY: i-labels can vitalize the system of traceability of your company, in accordance with the new legislation in the UE.


The specific goals to stimulate: create interest and attract new customers, by helping you to promote your products. You are able to easily change content and design whenever you want and wherever you are directly from your own mobile. You can even pre-program changes if required.

Your Brand Reputation: Enhance your image and be closer to your client. Use the smart label as your market differentiator. Obtain autonomy and control in your advertising approach: use the standalone tool, dynamic and multi-language capabilities, get more control, analyze and you optimize provided information and events on your s-label in real time.

An Advanced product: Smart labels turn your products in "your voice", the products speak for you. Make them promotional products to position themselves in the market. They allow you to make customer marketing: digital system manages to extract useful information from customer behavior, their habits and consumption that can be exploited and made profitable for marketing purposes.


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