III International Congress Memorial Discovery of America,

The University of Huelva, through the research group "mentality, Society and the Environment in Andalusia and Latin America in the Modern Age", the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR), the Asociación de Estudios Iberoamericanos y Colombinos Rábida, the minicipalities of San Juan del Puerto and Moguer, and others entities, organizes, from 9 to 11 October, the III International Congress Memorial Discovery of America, "Ships & Shipbuilding in the Age of Discovery".

This international meeting will involve researchers / renowned as from different institutions, research centers and universities around the world (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy). And he will deal with different aspects of the ships, shipbuilding (shipyards, technology and technological innovations, wooden boats, industry, navigation, etc.), ports and sailing experiences in the Age of Discovery.

Once started the International Congress may follow from this interactive space: top news, photos, videos of presentations, etc.

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San Juan del Puerto & Moguer

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News and Photo Gallery

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